Media Kit

Winning / Certification

Logo usage

Do not recreate colors, shapes, fonts, special effects, etc.
Please use our logo in light or white color background. We also provide dark color background version. In the case of special design, we allow the use of monochrome display.

Light or White backgound

Dark background example

Gradient background

Blue color background

Icon specifications

Printing and digital use of the minimum limit of 0.9 cm and 35 pixels

Minimum limit


Icon margin

Standard word and icon combination

Ensure the Lollipop lens image is visible

Common mistakes

Not properly whitened. Modify or cover part of the logo. Modify the ratio, direction, or letter spacing. Extend, compress, warp, or split logo elements. Modify color or add effects (eg shading, glow, etc.). Replace the logo with other fonts. Insert a picture within the mark. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal rotation or flip.

Usage Scene

PV shooting tidbits